3D Hybrid Shrimp Egi Jig – In It to Win It

I managed to get an amazing squid trip and I can tell you 3D Hybrid Shrimp Egi Jig and rods are doing it…They performed marvelously !!!!

 Though jigs seem to sink a bit faster than “regular” squid jigs, this makes them suitable for faster presentations and covering water quickly. Still if you want a slower rate of fall it is ok to use cutting pliers and cut off a bit of weight to get slower rate of fall and vice versa, add a bit tungsten paste to increase weight if you fish 20 meter deep, even in the boat.

Beside killer looks and colors the magic is certainly in TPE legs wich add micro movement on retrieve and sink, but also when squid grabs it feels alive and il also illumitates so that is also a bonus.

It is great for jigging, but micro legs will catch them on the steady retrieve as well. Works great for both squid and cuttle fish.

Egi rods are bloody awesome, sensitive and with a perfect forgiving action…

See you out there fellas!