Amazing 3D Fruck and 3D Bat day on the Efttex aftermath

Hi guys,

So the very next day after Savage Gear won Best new soft lure(3D Fruck) , Best new hard lure and Innovation of the year (3D Bat)at Efftex 2017 in Budapest I went of of a prescheduled trip on a nearby Delegyhaza bass lake.


173 IMG_6828

Being two time consecutive Croatian Bass league champion and leading the field this season, doing most of the damage by skipping a frog into deep cover I think I know a thing or two about Frog fishing.

3D Fruck is one of the best frogs I have ever fished and here are some key features.

It walks easy, shot twitches on slack line will do the magic.

The body is soft, yet hook is very well protected in predetermined slots so it does not get hung at all.

The hooks are extremely, but I do mean extremely sharp and not as thick gauge, so they stick fish with no need for a heavy hook set.

The duck head actually cuts water making a great wake on the walking action.

I caught close to ten nice fish that day – never missed a bite, never had a fish come off – that is impressive!

The key for getting bites on the Fruck is to put it the the nastiest places you can find. Bass is a cover oriented spicie, especially during summer sunny day it will seek cover and deepes shade available. Most bites you will not see, just hear the unique plomping sound of bass taking it off the surface.

I was fishing it with a 65 LB Finnese braid which floats and does not get wrapped around branches and reeds easily and used my favorite bass rod – Custom Vertical heavy 187 cm up to 60 gr.

This is the ulimate frog/ flipping/spinnerbait bass rod in both length, action lightness sensitivity – I love it. 40 gr version is also superb for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, topwater…


When the light started fading it was time to pull out the 3D Bat!

This bait has a cool crawling action on the surface and is super fun to fish. I guess it pays to throw it around in low light conditions or during rain on a steady retrieve and will  surely it will draw a violent strikes from agressive fish like the pike I caught with the last daylight.

 Bass can be tricky though, so I was mostly fishing it as a bug lure. Placed it near the good looking cover, waiting for the ripples to clear and then genly shaking it on the surface like a little critter strugling on the surface.This presentation called them out of cover and gave the time to strike.

I fished the bat on the Savage Gear Black trigger 15-27 gr 2,20gr rod which is a superb treble hook bait rod due to its soft tip which will not allow for bass to throw the spit the lure. I also used okuma Komodo reel, and 0,30mm Soft Fluorocarbon which is awesome bass fishing line as well.

All in all I had a great day fishing these extremy fun and effective lures.