Another Superb Perch for Daniel!

Another Superb Perch for Daniel!

“There are so many ways to catch perch but casting with (soft)lures is one of my favorite and can be very effective when the fish are on the hunt. This one took a 7.5cm Fat Minnow T-tail shad in motoroil color. Fished on a 7gr SG ball jighead, it’s a great lure for both perch and zander when there’s big shoals of tiny prey fish.

Working it diagonal close to the bottom works best for me but don’t hesitate to try steady retrieve for instance. Gear used: Savage Gear LRF 2.26 5-12gr, Okuma RTX25, 0.08 HD4 braid, 0.21 100% FC trace“.

– Daniel van der Kraan

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