Bass season opening with Fat Vibes



Cold water bass fishing is all about lipless cranks and suspending jerkbaits. Savage Gear offers great options for both of these lure types.
Fat Vibes are extremely effective cold water baits, great for covering water, especially in grass lakes. Making contact with grass will trigger those reaction strikes. The shiver on the fall is amazing with this lure, so there is no way of retrieving this lure wrong. Steady, yo yo,ripping stop and go…bass will absolutely crush it!
On our recent trip, my buddy and I managed to catch three fish on the 6,6cm Fat Vibes model. Water temperature was 8 °C and they completely ate it on steady retrieve.
I fish this bait on a short baitcasting set up, because of its sensitivity and fast reaction.
Okuma trigger One Rod or SG Finezze rod paired with Komodo baitcaster work great!

Check out more pictures below!