BOOOM! 3D Rad saves Radek`s day

14053842_1051118338258444_6439142336010860894_o“We can’t call our last trip a successful one but it was still great to spend some time on the water again.

Our day started great. Kind of… We came to the first spot and not more than 15 minutes later our consultant Wojtek got bitten. The hit was light and the resistance was not big when the fish started to run! Nice and long run was a good sign. Wasn’t easy to bring that big girl to the boat but when she was close she, took of again. The reel was screaming for 5 maybe 7 seconds and then it stopped… The fish was gone… Happened to us many times but it’s always as painful.

Next few hours were very quiet. Wind dropped down to zero and the lake went dead calm. As You know that kind of conditions are not great for pike fishing but there is nothing we can do when that happens.

After hours of casting without any action it was trolling time. So there we are cruising there and back when Radek’s 30cm Line Thru Trout gets smashed. That fish was not happy with the hook in her mouth so she did all she could to change that. The net is ready the fish is just about to go in when she makes the last run and spits out the hook… That was painful… After losing a good one few hours ago and poor fish activity loosing another good one didn’t help.

That’s fishing and we all know experienced that. Best way is to let it go and keep casting. So we did and thanks to the 3D Rad our trip was saved. A red meat connoisseur hammered the 3D Rad and changed the statistics a little bit 😉 There is always a chance so never stop casting! If that is not helping… cast more! No matter how bad fishing is keep casting! You might be surprised “