EFTTEX 2018 was a success !!!!!!



Thank you for the support!

This years EFTTEX was a huge success to Savage Gear. We took home to prizes. We had been waiting with excitement to show of all of our new innovations to your guys and we are happy that you keep showing your support by voting for our products.

4D LT Pike – Best New Soft Lure
Our new 4D Line Thru Pike took the first prize for Best New Soft Lure. Based on a 3D Scan of a real baby pike with perfect details, Photo Chrome skin print and added DNA scent! The small jacks are in periods the favorite prey for big pike and these super realistic lures will be deadly! The lure swims with the most realistic S-curve action, and will sink slowly on spin stop!

Designed with our Brilliant Linethru design, the lure will slide up the trace away from the shredding teeth and the Pike cannot use the weight of the big lure to throw the hook.

– 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
– Strike Triggering Scent
– Rattle slot in Paddletail
– Slow sink
– Easy change Line thru system
– Prerigged with Carbon49 wire and tournament trebles
– ST36#1BNx2pcs

3D Snake – Best New Hard Lure – Runner-Up
The 3D Snake also made it to the podium and got the Runner-Up prize for Best New Hard Lure. The Snake is based on a scan of a real snake. It is the perfect baby snake imitation, with the most realistic swimming topwater action. The lure swims with a wide S action either on the surface or just below, depending on where you attached the line to the lure.

– 3D Scanned details
– Super realistic action
– Surface or sub-surface action, two line tie points
– Unique Cable joints
– Spinning Rear treble
– 20cm 2x #4 Trebles
– 30cm 2x #1 Trebles

All of you Savage Gear supporters are the reason why we do it! It is truly incredible to see all of the excitement, all of the fish getting caught. We will keep innovating and bringing you guys great products that will catch those savage beats!

It is a truly Savage World.