Efttex – The fruit of our labour


Efttex is a trade fair, where all the manufactures come together and showcase their new product for the next season. Journalists from all over Europe show up to be the first ones to have a glance at the new products. All around the stands, manufactures from all over the world are showing what they have been working on the past year or two.

A tradition, which Efttex is hosting, is to recognize the best new products of the year. A whole room with hundreds of new products are put on display for journalists to vote for. It is incredible to see the creativity being put in products from all manufactures, so to win an award is an incredible achievement and huge recognition from the industry.

Savage Gear has been fortunate to win in the past. No year is the same and every year products are getting better and competition harder.

This year, Savage Gear had 2 Best New Products entries.

The 3D Octopus and the 3D Needle fish. We are honored to be rewarded with a price in both categories. The 3D Needlefish won “Best New Softlure”. Click HERE to see video. This was an exceptionally rewarding award to win, since the competition this year was very tough. Manufactures stepped up and came up with some incredible softlures.

Secondly, the Savage Gear 3D Octopus won the “Innovation of the Year” award, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards given at the fair. It was also rewarded as runner up in the Best New Metal lure category. Click HERE to see the video.

Savage Gear wants to thank all the anglers, journalists and retailers for recognizing the gear and keep being savage.

It truly is a savage world!

Check out photos from Efttex 2019 below.


Above you can see the Savage Gear 3D Octopus, which won the “Innovation of the Year” and Runner up in Best New Metal Lure. Check out the video here: Savage Gear 3D Octopus

Above is the 3D Needle fish, which won the “Best New Softlure” award. Check out the video here. Savage Gear 3D NeedleFish

Here is a first glance at the new 3D Sandeel with fitted hook.

As always, Mads Grosell is standing poolside, showing the incredible movement of the new lures. It is all about the functionality of the lures. They are made to fish with and catch fish! Here, he is demonstrating the new 3D Pulse Tail Roach in the Koi color.