Fat T Tail weedless rig


Though we have many attractive topwater lures available  today, when it comes to fishing the thick stuff, not many lures are  fish attractive, weedless and with a great hook up ratio at the same time like the Fat T Tail 13 cm rigged on Savage Gear 3D Crayfish Weedles Wide Gape Hook #7/0.

This shad works brilliantly on this hook. It is a perfect fit for both fast retrieve on the surface over the pads with tail churning surface and leaving bubble trail- pike cannot stand this retrieve!

On the pause the 7 gr tungsten weight is perfect for slow sink with awesome body and tail action. When rigging it is necessary to cut into the T tail belly so hook penetrates more easily on the hookset.

I had so many nice catches recently including a win on a recent Pike Masters tournament I organized and caught 8 fish durning the day all of which came on this very bait!

It is also great for skipping in the shade under the ovehang trees close where  pike will often spend time in the shallow water.

The key with hook up ratio is to lower the rod and wait until you feel the weight of the fish, same as with bass fishing. Once they eat it, they do not let go….

I found that Custom Fast Shad 90 gr rod has enough power and perfet tip for working this bait…


I wrote an article on this weedless pike fishing  I plan to spread across Europe and did a really nice video.

please take a look: