Hucho Hucho !!!



Every hucho trip that results with a fish catch is considered sucessfull. This time it was a very challenging one considering we could did not get any action durnig the day. Usually during daytime you fish with bottom baits and come nightime huchos get more active, so you can look for them with wobblers higher in the water column.



NO strike over the day left me with no other option than try wobblers in the first hour of dark. The spot I was fishing had a strong shallow current flush so 135 3D Herring Backlip with innovative lip design was a perfect lure to use. It will run true and  shallow even at hight retrieve speeds. It also makes a seductive wake along with rolling action, so all of this was too much for this hucho to handle!

It destroyed it with a big boil right on the surface. With bigger wobblers a good tip is to use double splitring because  it will increase hookup ratio and place treble right in the mouth corner.