Learn to adapt!


Radek had to adapt and downsize on an otherwise slow day with SG Pro Grub
” Low temperatures didn’t stop our boys from wading for the first time this year. Casting big lures didn’t bring any results unfortunately. All they saw were few nice fish following the lures but without an intention to eat them. Slow or fast retrieve, with stops or without didn’t make a big difference. They were just not in the mood. We had experienced that in the past so it was time for plan B.

Plan B was downsizing… a lot! Heavy rods got replaced by perch gear and small soft plastics. It didn’t take long to get the first 20lbs… wannabe. You can only imagine that the size of fish got smaller too…

3-18g Bushwhacker and SG Pro Grub saved us from a nasty blank. Its good to have a plan B or even C in case the fish are not in the mood.
It could be that love is starting to slowly fill the waters. Biggies will start thinking only about spawning soon and not chasing lures. It will be time to leave them alone for few weeks and let them restock our lakes. It will be trout time!”