LT Sandeel – one of a kind “predator”


Had a very interesting fishing day this weekend. I went out to do some promo for LT Sandeels and had a great time burning it across the surface for elusive lake trout of our highland Lokvarsko lake.

I started trolling but then made a cast and on the first cast 3 kilo trout followed my lure all the way to the boat. After another three fish that did the same i realized something needs to be done and this is when I started doing spinstops after seeing fish behind the lure. It worked flawlessly.


The micro movement and rolling backwards seems to trigger fish with no excuse – awesome feature of this lure. Along with all others like extreme long casting, tight rolling action. LT hookup system. Very fun lure to use….

The crown was this pike that thought she was a trout and struck 175mm Line Thru Sandeel burned close the surface over 12 meters of water! Lucky hookup in the mouth corner and she was in the net…