The new 3D Burbot is a beast!!



How’s she cuttin?!

Now thats how we like to start our week! I just got a message with that sexy looking fish from our consultant Wojtek Stypuła. One of his previous trips was not the best one till that lady decided to have a much on the new 36cm 3D Burbot.

Not much was happening on the end of our lines while trolling so we decided to change our tactic. We located a nice shoal of baitfish in deeper water with few decent “pike marks” beside them and started to cast our lures. We tried to run our lures through the shoal but with no results. Wojtek had a good plan to sink his lure more and more with every cast… very good plan 😉

Things got sexy when he reached the bottom… A light jig to lift the lure form the bottom and maybe one handle turn and BOOOOM!!! A powerful hit followed by strong headshakes and we were smiling because we knew that there is something long and fat playing with the lure!

Now let me tell You something… That was a damn strong fish! We didn’t see her at all for most of the fight but when she came up… Anybody who caught a huge fish knows that feeling. No words can describe that…

The new 36cm 3D Burbot did the job great. The brake away system worked as designed. But the best about that lure is that it can be mounted Line Thru as well!

Comes in three sizes 25,36 and… 50cm!!! That should cover all types of fishing no matter if You fish from the bank or boat.

In shops this fall!!

Tight lines and stay SAVAGE!