World Class Halibut Fishing

The boat he was on landed 165 halibut in 6,5 fishing days. An incredible trip that set new camp records. Our Savage Gear consultant, Mikkel Matzen, has just returned from Havöysund in Norway. This is his story of how they had so much success. My body is still soar a week after I returned from, what I consider […]

Efttex – The fruit of our labour

  Efttex is a trade fair, where all the manufactures come together and showcase their new product for the next season. Journalists from all over Europe show up to be the first ones to have a glance at the new products. All around the stands, manufactures from all over the world are showing what they […]

Perch just love the jika rig

This week’s guest: ROBBIE NORTHMAN Savage Gear backed-Robbie Northman is based in Hoveton, Norfolk. Specialising in lure fishing, Robbie uses an array of tactics to target perch, pike, chub, zander and some saltwater species. This week he demonstrates what’s known as the jika rig – a drop shot/jigging hybrid method. A sensitive and responsive rod […]


Frederic Kullin is showing how to rig the Savage gear 160g Squish Jig for really big fish like dogtooth tuna. The Savage Gear Squish Jig is very effective for all kind of smaller and medium size reef fish. First time I saw this jig I realised that this would be a good jig for dogtooth […]


      No matter where you are, coastal spinning is super effective – If you know how to do it. In the Scandinavian waters, seatrout are abundant and the fishermen have fine-tuned their tackle to match the conditions. Learn how the Scandinavians do it. The seatrout When it exits the river, it has already […]

EFTTEX 2018 was a success !!!!!!

    Thank you for the support! This years EFTTEX was a huge success to Savage Gear. We took home to prizes. We had been waiting with excitement to show of all of our new innovations to your guys and we are happy that you keep showing your support by voting for our products. 4D […]

Savage Gear’ Sean Wit takes home the trophy

“Sean Wit was especially excited about the Savage Gear 3D River Roach for the deeper parts and the 14,5 cm Jekster as a shallow bait. This was the biggest catch of the competition – 121,5 cm !” Savage Gear’ Sean Wit takes home the trophy Sean and his teammate Jesper, won this year’s predator tour […]

3D Hybrid Shrimp Egi Jig – In It to Win It

I managed to get an amazing squid trip and I can tell you 3D Hybrid Shrimp Egi Jig and rods are doing it…They performed marvelously !!!!  Though jigs seem to sink a bit faster than “regular” squid jigs, this makes them suitable for faster presentations and covering water quickly. Still if you want a slower […]


This Beauty comes in 2 sizes and one of the great things about it is that you have 6 colours to choose from !!!!! Based on the perfect 3D Scan of a real Sandeel. The long slender Strong Hard ABS body has the most amazing jerk and twitch action driving the predator fish crazy! The […]

#SandeelSurfwalker 180 mm!

This catch of fast and furious sea predator I consider one of my most valuable fishing trophies. I worked so hard to catch it which makes it even more rewarding. Seven days of early morning sessions in which I had to learn subtle nuances of the spot I was fishing, how current and tide influence […]

Amazing 3D Fruck and 3D Bat day on the Efttex aftermath

Hi guys, So the very next day after Savage Gear won Best new soft lure(3D Fruck) , Best new hard lure and Innovation of the year (3D Bat)at Efftex 2017 in Budapest I went of of a prescheduled trip on a nearby Delegyhaza bass lake. Being two time consecutive Croatian Bass league champion and leading […]

The Line Thru Sandeel – Tackle Review

Make sure you try the Line Thru Sandeel! Click here to read the full review !    

Fat T Tail weedless rig

Though we have many attractive topwater lures available  today, when it comes to fishing the thick stuff, not many lures are  fish attractive, weedless and with a great hook up ratio at the same time like the Fat T Tail 13 cm rigged on Savage Gear 3D Crayfish Weedles Wide Gape Hook #7/0. This shad […]

Lars Kynau presents the 3D Line Thru Sandeel

3D Line Thru Sandeel presented by our very own Lars Kynau !

LT Sandeel – one of a kind “predator”

Had a very interesting fishing day this weekend. I went out to do some promo for LT Sandeels and had a great time burning it across the surface for elusive lake trout of our highland Lokvarsko lake. I started trolling but then made a cast and on the first cast 3 kilo trout followed my […]

Topwater fishing is kicking in!

There it is!!! Finally! Topwater fishing is kicking in! Last few weeks were nice and mild with good few warm and sunny days. That had and impact on the water tepms. Its still cold but 2-3*C higher comparing to few weeks ago. Our boys were out there with an intention to try the surface runners […]

Stop and Go surface retrieve with Crucian Crank

With the warming days, bass tends to rise in the water column and just enjoy warmth with not much feeding on his mind. On days like this, but frankly anytime bass are sluggish Stop and go movement on the surface retrive with a lot of patience can make them react. This is also killer technique […]

Mega Perch

This is quite a beauty caught by Christian Wieneke. He used the Fat T-Tail Minnow and we can definitely see it works.

Force of Nature!

Yesterday I went for Zanders on vertical fishing with my XLNT 10-35g and the Okuma Komodo. I saw on my fishing sonar a big fish coming up from the bottom, I get free spool on my reel and I followed it coming down on the sonar, when my lure (sandeel slug) was about 1mt to […]

Keep ’em coming !!

This zander season has been strange with not much room to experiment. It is easy to waist a day without the strike, so I had to go with proven stuff in terms of anchored boat jigging with Cannibal 12,5 cm and vertical 20 and 25 cm Monster Slugs. Cannibal shad is simply one of the […]

Highriding the “waves” !

Otto is riding the waves with the new Highrider ! This beautiful specimen is what fishing is all about!  ” It feels great to be chasing these beauties, spotting their silhouettes on the surface and casting precisely. The Highrider is exactly what I need, compact , fast and reliable ! “ The new Highrider comes […]

Winter fishing : Fun & Freezing !

We all love fishing, but not all of us are willing to endure crazy low temperatures for a big mamma ! We are very thankful that Sean is out there and he is sharing his stories with us. ” This weekend was amazing, got my gear out and started driving to the water. I didn’t […]

Super Zander on the Monster Slug !

The winter has taken a firm grasp over my region and this means the zander season is at it`s peak in Croatia. I have been studying upstream vertical fishing for two seasons now and I can count on big fish striking my 25 cm Monster Slug, It is a matter of hitting the right spot […]

High Rider

Levin van Hoof got a kickstart to 2017 with the new High Rider Belly Boat. “You are so free out there in the High Rider. Just made my way out in the water, rowing away and cast my Fat T Tail Minnow. I didn’t have to wait for long until I caught this beauty ! […]

Night time cannibal

  Being a test angler is so rewarding and challenging, but it does   drawbacks in terms of costant  fishing with new baits and gaining confidence in them so you could spread the message help others use them correctly. One of the best ever zander shads ever is the 12,5cm Cannibal shad which was my absolute […]

Hucho Hucho !!!

  Every hucho trip that results with a fish catch is considered sucessfull. This time it was a very challenging one considering we could did not get any action durnig the day. Usually during daytime you fish with bottom baits and come nightime huchos get more active, so you can look for them with wobblers […]

Burbot 1 – Catfish 0 !

  Christophe Depouille got this huge Catfish casting a big size Burbot! 100 gr Black Savage rod and Okuma 364 reel won this titan battle!   Make sure to follow us on Instagram and see more of these beauties !

Tips & Tricks

I firmly believe in doing everything possible to turn the cards in my favour when I venture out fishing. Adding scent is just one of those things! In todays market place scents come in many forms, from pre-packed scented lures, sprays, to scented marker pens etc… My favourite are the pastes that are available, but […]

It works every time !

Cannibal shad…works every single time! Wojciech Krzyszczyk from Poland got a big zander over the weekend, show us your catch! Follow us on Instgram – @savage_gear_official and tag us in your greatest catch picture. The weekend is coming up and we are all going fishing, so let’s brag !! 

RADical Fishing

Mikkel Franklin with a great catch ! This pike just couldn’t handle what the 3D Rad had to give! Congrats with this impressive catch Mikkel !

Savage Gear Open Day – Come and take part !

Latham’s Fishing Tackle – Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October Bridge Street, Potter Heigham, Great Yarmouth, NR29 5JE 01692 670388

“Killer” Herring Shad

Awesome fish by Christophe taken on 19 cm Herring shad in baby pike pattern… “These amazing lures never cease to amaze me ! This was the 3rd catch that day, but it was a big one… I decided to change my presentation even though I was catching fine specimens out there. And my God, it […]

They don’t get bigger than this !

  Holy mother of God, look at this monster Zack Brown caught on LT Trout! This is the perfect time to show us your monster catch and share it with us on Instagram at @savage_gear_official. Tell us about the SG gear you are using and we will pick out the greatest shots of the biggest […]

A nice summer pike for Daniel van der Kraan!

  “It was a strange day to be honest, not a single zander was caught during an afternoon riversession, wich is very rare. We didnt caught much, only a handfull of medium sized perch on the Crucians and the good old Diving prey. After a long period without any action, suddenly a good hit and […]

The Beast of Geneva

  Absolute beast from Geneva lake by Tony Gelin! Full size at 123.5cm taken with a 30cm Real Eel in Purple pearl. It’s always an amazing experience being out on a boat, fishing in nice, calm conditions. There are times when odds are against but sometimes you have the Gods of fishing cheering you on […]

BOOOM! 3D Rad saves Radek`s day

“We can’t call our last trip a successful one but it was still great to spend some time on the water again. Our day started great. Kind of… We came to the first spot and not more than 15 minutes later our consultant Wojtek got bitten. The hit was light and the resistance was not […]

The new 3D Burbot is a beast!!

  How’s she cuttin?! Now thats how we like to start our week! I just got a message with that sexy looking fish from our consultant Wojtek Stypuła. One of his previous trips was not the best one till that lady decided to have a much on the new 36cm 3D Burbot. Not much was […]

What are friends for ?

  Martin G. Karlsens friend, Ole Nysæther with an insane zander caught on a white Fat Minnow T-tail with custom pink fins, using our scent markers. This beast measures 1.02m and weighs over 11kg, close to the Norwegian record. Well done!! Okuma One rond and Helios reel did the trick

The 3D Rad

  The 3D Rad is having a really hard time now during its test phase trying to avoid the greedy spring pike and its not very succesfull to be honest… Mads shows one of the many pike that smashed our cute little rodent during an evening session. RADical fishing!

Magic on the Line Thru !

  Christian Wieneke brings some more 25 cm LT magic, this time casting for pelagic pike! 25 cm size has a perfect balance of casting ability and a big lure profile!  

Salmon Fishing in the Baltic Region

  Christian Møller and Henrik Lund have been targeting salmon in the Baltic region during the Spring. The big fish, however, have been tricky to come by. The two found out that using 42gram Sandeels was the key to getting the really finicky fish into feeding. And on the very last day of their most […]

Beauty and the bandit!

  What a beauty trout by Ant Glascoe Jr, and there’s an awesome story to back it up! ” I have family that own land here, in the Manchester area. Real bandit land. I got permission to fish this small river. I remember from when I was a kid that this river was polluted, an […]

Great Season Start

  Huge fish for Dalien taken on Crazy Blade and a great pike season start: ” I fished a venue with quite stained spring water that was shallow and full of submerged brush. The fish here were a bit pressured due to many locals fishing it, so I opted for large size 28 gram size […]

Deadly armour tube worm!

This special moment, here is from Ott Nebot: “Was the moment when you get catch the first fish of the day and you see on your scale 2,305Kg of pure bass!!! This one was caught on the new Savage Gear Armor Tube Worm on texas light weight! Deadly for them! Reel: Okuma Komodo Rod: Savage […]

Getting back out there !

  My work has been taking a lot of my time lately and I did not have enough time to fish as much as I wanted to. On top of this, fishing has been very difficult, actually some of the most dificult fishing I have experience for a long time. I have had problems with […]

Crazy Blade ”Strike” again!

Dutch team member Pim with a lovely perch taken on the 3d bleak mounted on a crazyblade jighead. When the fishing is tough, the crazyblade provide a thumping erratic action that can trigger the wariest fish into striking! And this perch was no exception !

Prey Time !!

  ”We got this superb 71 cm seatrout caught on Prey 115 trolling! We had great weather conditions, the best we could have hoped for this time of the year. Smooth sailing along with great spirits and great company, the perfect elements to complement a catch this beautiful and this big ! This lure has the […]

Learn to adapt!

Radek had to adapt and downsize on an otherwise slow day with SG Pro Grub… ” Low temperatures didn’t stop our boys from wading for the first time this year. Casting big lures didn’t bring any results unfortunately. All they saw were few nice fish following the lures but without an intention to eat them. […]

How to get that reaction strike ?

  Jani Tiller from Slovenia caught another nice asp using 3D Bleak Paddle tail 10,5 cm rigged on 3D Sardine jig head. Though water is still quite cold, faster retrieve near the surface gets reaction strikes from these swift predators. 3D Bleak are awesome fast moving shads that will not loose balance even with the […]

Super Barbel on Fat T-Tail Minnow

Yesterday I got a big Barbel, fishing the 13 cm Fat T-tail Minnow on a 12 gr jig head. It completely inhaled the lure  – amazing! The super slow presentation, near the bottom, fooled this fish into biting. I was suprized it could fit the largest of the Minnows, a chunky 13cm T tail, but […]

Bass season opening with Fat Vibes

  Cold water bass fishing is all about lipless cranks and suspending jerkbaits. Savage Gear offers great options for both of these lure types. Fat Vibes are extremely effective cold water baits, great for covering water, especially in grass lakes. Making contact with grass will trigger those reaction strikes. The shiver on the fall is […]

Super ‘hucho’ trip for David on the 20 cm Line Thru

  Super ‘hucho’ trip for David Primozic in Slovenia. The 20 cm Line Thru was the magic lure! ”My friend Urban Žurbi, member of Lanitex test team, and I had a wonderful day out fishing! Six massive strikes, 3 landed fish – one more stunning than the other. They don’t call ‘Hucho’ the king of the […]

Big Zander on a 20cm Monster Slug

  The season is right for big zander, and on my first vertical trip the Monster Slug delivered yet again. Upstream, on a slow presentation with the engine trolling really close to the bottom, got another massive strike and another beauty made its way in front of the camera before retreating into the green depths […]

The Mighty Perch

A cracking LRF perch from Croatia taken on the 6,8 Cannibal shad. Here is what Dalien had to say: ” We had a great day, and for me the 6,8 cm Cannibal shad rigged on a light jig head hits the ground running. The key was not to move the lure too much, either a […]

126cm Monster on the Real Eel

Check out this 126cm Real Eel brute that Ole Marius Hjort caught recently! He was jigging the 40 cm model rigged on a 30 gr jig head over 13 meters of water. Ole says 80% of his bites come on the slow fall. By the reports we get lately, the timing for catching a monster […]

River Monster

Victor Soederberg, who has recently joined Savage Gear, has been out fishing one of his local rivers in Sweden. His trategy for fishing the local river pike is to cast and retrieve big lures that can be fished slowly cross-current. On his most recent trip, Victor caught this stunning 116cm pike that went for the […]

Action on Big Lures

Robert Farrel, our UK consultant, is having good times again chasing pike with the 3D Hybrid Pikes and the 30cm Line Thrus! The lures have provided him with some hectic action, and some really aggressive takes. Now is the time for bigger baits, so get out there now!

The 3D Hybrid Pike Creates Results

Rikard Jonsson is on them: “The 3D Hybrid Pike is hot as fire at the moment! Pike fishing is peaking now and I have never experienced stronger and more powerful pike – loads of fun! I have a lot of work ahead of me so extra fun that we had a lot of big fishes […]

Pike Like Pike

Ole Marius Hjort is unstoppable these days. He’s been out on a handful of calm and – for the season – relatively warm days looking for big pike. His recipe has been to slow troll the new Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike lures, and the results have been staggering. The big mammas really want to […]

Another Monster on the 3D Trout

The reports are pouring in… Here’s Theis Gronemann from Denmark with a beautiful late summer pike, which was 124cm and 13kg. The fish was caught on a big Danish lake on a 27,5cm Savage Gear 3D Rattle Trout fished pelagically over deep water. This lure will make even the wariest predator rise from the depths.

Perch Action on New Jigs

Ant Glascoe has had some good perch action lately using a variety of softlures – and he isn’t afraid of using lures that have been developed for other types of fishing. The new Savage Gear 3D Sardine, meant for sea fishing, also proves to be a great lure for perch. This fine specimen took a […]

Monster Caught on the 3D Real Eel

Here’s an Austrian freaking monster! This massive fish, which was caught by predator angler Thomas Winkler, was measured at 128 cm and 15.5 kg. It was caught spinning the 40cm Real Eel at a slow pace.

Trolling for Pike

Ole Marius Hjort and his son Oscar have been trolling for pike in Norway this weekend. They were using a mix of Savage Gear Herring Shads and 3D Trouts and fished the lures right behind the paravanes in 20 metres of water. They were surprised at the magnetism of the lures, and especially some of […]

Dutch Success in Sweden

Arjan and Ronald den Ouden recently returned from their Sweden adventure with yet a great result. Despite the sometimes harsh conditions they managed to pull out loads of pike including many 1m+ fish. They used a wide variety of SG lures including, 3D Line Thru and Rattle Trouts, 3D Hybrid Pikes and the good old […]

Flipping Bass Off

On my latest trip to Hungary I had a chance to fish for bass by flipping technique. This includes probing the shoreline cover with a bait on a sinker, placing super precise and quiet casts to specific targets and dropping the bait right into the bass’ head making him react and take the bait right […]

T-Tail Action

Daniel van der Kraan with another “T-Tail perch”: “I’ve been using the Fat Minnow T-Tails for a few months now and they are simply great. The softness of the lures gives it immediate action on the drop, so its perfect for diagonal jigging. This time the 9cm Rudd Minnow color on a 10gr jighead did […]


Arjan den Ouden caught a nice 1m+ river pike recently on a Savage Gear Reaction Crayfish in the ghost color. The funny thing is that Daniel caught the same fish not long before Arjan did on practically the same spot. It’s not uncommon, but still a good example of how some fish are really bound […]

Lake Trout Fishing in Denmark

A stunning lake trout by Mikkel – what a pretty fish! “I’ve been experimenting a lot with different lures and tactics when fishing for lake trout. I’ve finally made a breakthrough using the SG 3D Bleak Real Tail and the last few times out, I’ve caught significantly more fish. This picture is of one of […]

Freestyling for Pike

Our Belgium consultant, Christophe Depouille, has been fishing for pike lately, and in the lukewarm waters of his home region, he likes nothing better than to toss a Savage Gear Freestyler lure for some top water action. To catch this beautiful pike, he used his Savage Gear Custom Jerk 125gr paired with an Okuma Komodo […]

Another Superb Perch for Daniel!

“There are so many ways to catch perch but casting with (soft)lures is one of my favorite and can be very effective when the fish are on the hunt. This one took a 7.5cm Fat Minnow T-tail shad in motoroil color. Fished on a 7gr SG ball jighead, it’s a great lure for both perch […]

3D TPE Mayfly Action

Here’s the latest from our Croatian predator expert, Dalien Vignjevic: “The 3D TPE Mayfly is an awesome chub bait – and really fun to fish. Make a cast, let it drift with the current and pick up the slack – thump! Chub feed heavily on insects, so super action is guaranteed!”

Massive Bled Lake Zander

Dalien Vignjevic has been unstoppable this year. Here he is with yet another massive predatory fish – a 96cm zander from the Slovenian Lake Bled. The 40cm 3D Line Thru Trout did the job! “When a 96 cm lake zander rises from 12 m up to 4 m and slams a 40 cm Line Thru […]

The Hybrid Pike Creates Results

Christian ‘The Joker’ Møller is doing what he does best – catching giant pike! This time, he went to Norway to fish some of the big lakes in the southern part of the country, and he found the pike to display cannibalistic behaviour. What an incredible fish on the new 3D Hybrid Pike!

40 cm Line Thru Draws First Blood!

On his first trolling session with the new 40 cm Line Thru on the Bled lake in Slovenia, Dalien immediately got a trophy fish in the boat. This was the first pike that hit the lure and it completely engulfed the trout on the strike. The 40 cm Line Thru Trout was trolled at about […]

2x1m+ Pike = Great Weekend!

Hi guys, We hope you have had a great weekend. Our German Savage Gear consultant and Bodden guide, Fred Kotowski, certainly did. He took customer, Sebastian, out for some pike fishing, and during the day, they struck gold twice – landing two 1m+ pike. The lures that got the pike overly excited were the Savage […]

Bulky Pike on the 3D Bleak Lure

Here’s a particularly pretty pike that was caught by our French Savage Gear consultant, Tony. The fish went headlong for the seductive S-curve action of the 3D Bleak Glide Swimmer, and the heavy pre-spawn pike put up quite a fight. Tony kept his head cool, landed the fish quickly, and released it after a couple […]

Weedless Presentation

Here’s the latest from our predator ace, Dalien Vignjevic. “The pike fishing is picking up, and so is the vegetation. One of my favorite lakes to fish just got emerging lily pads in the shallows and it is time for topwater pike fishing. I had some crazy strikes fishing regular 17 cm Hardeels with trebles […]