A nice summer pike for Daniel van der Kraan!



“It was a strange day to be honest, not a single zander was caught during an afternoon riversession, wich is very rare. We didnt caught much, only a handfull of medium sized perch on the Crucians and the good old Diving prey. After a long period without any action, suddenly a good hit and it felt I was stuck on the bottom. When it began to move I was certain it was a good pike that intercepted my Crucian Crank 64 in the goldfish pattern, that ran about 3,5m deep.

The light setup was up to the fierce runs this fish made over and over again but at the first attempt Iwas relieved she was safe into the foldingnet, because exhaustion may occur quite fast with these high water temperatures, After a f.ew quick pics I put her back where she belongs and not lang after she took off into the deep.”


Gear used: Bushwhacker 2.28, 9-32gr, Okuma Helios 30 and 0.10 HD4