Night time cannibal



Being a test angler is so rewarding and challenging, but it does   drawbacks in terms of costant  fishing with new baits and gaining confidence in them so you could spread the message help others use them correctly. One of the best ever zander shads ever is the 12,5cm Cannibal shad which was my absolute favorite some 3-4 years ago, but was neglected for the above mentioned reasons.
This year`s zander season is a bit finicky, so after a couple of unseccesful trips I realised now is not a time for testing, but going with my most confident lures.



I rigged 12,5 Cannibal in Glitter bug, rigged on 12 gr jig head and did a anchored boat bottom jigging by trying to reach the bottom with the lightes possible jig head. Cannibal thumps so hard I can feel it on the rod tip of my Fast shat rod paired with Okuma AZores 4000 blue reel.
 I had a great session that was crowned with my first serious 80+ cm  zander of this seson that struck really hard.



I love the game of winter zander fishing and feel so lucky to be living near the Sava river where there are still some nice ones to be caught!