100% Fluoro Carbon

Developed from premium Japanese Fluoro Carbon with innovative extrusion technology! Savage Gear’s Fluoro Carbon has smaller diameters and increased strength and offers incredible knot- and tensile strength. Moreover, it is an extremely soft line with low memory. Ideal for any fishing where superior lure- or bait presentation is needed in fresh- or salt water. Savage 100% Fluoro Carbon line is much less visible underwater than monofilament lines and virtually invisible to fish. 100% Fluoro Carbon is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent, high-density, and impervious to cold conditions.

469460.14mm3lbs (1.3kg)50mSoft
469470.17mm5lbs (2.1kg)50mSoft
420550.21mm6lbs (2.7kg)50mSoft
420560.26mm8lbs (4.7kg)50mSoft
420570.30mm10lbs (5.6kg)50mSoft
420580.33mm12lbs (6.4kg)50mSoft
420590.36mm16lbs (7.5kg)50mSoft
420600.39mm20lbs (9.4kg)35mMedium
420610.46mm25lbs (11.4kg)35mMedium
420620.49mm30lbs (13.6kg)35mMedium
420630.60mm40lbs (18.2kg)20mStiff big spool
420640.70mm50lbs (22.7kg)20mStiff big spool
420650.75mm60lbs (27.2kg)15mStiff big spool
420660.90mm80lbs (36.3kg)15mStiff big spool
420671.00mm100lbs (45.4kg)15mStiff big spool