3D Bleak Glide Swimmer

Based on a 3D Scan of a Bleak – one of the most important prey fish for many European freshwater predator fish. The Restricted V-joint in combination with the unique Body shape give the most enticing Glide swimming action! Big side to side swim on steady retrieve, superb side flash action on jerks!

A very easily fished lure on both spinning and bait caster setup. Great lure for any predator fish – the erratic and side shifting action, tuned to perfection, will make even the wariest attack the lure again and again! Deadly for Pike, Perch, Bass and many other predator fish.

  • Wide Glide swim on retrieve
  • Super side to side action on Jerk
  • Strong ABS body construction
  • Restricted V-joint
  • Semi Soft Tail
  • Forged SS split rings
  • Tournament Trebles
4706413.5cm28gSlow SinkDirty Silver
4706513.5cm28gSlow SinkBlue Back
4706613.5cm28gSlow SinkPerch
4706713.5cm28gSlow SinkFiretiger
4706813.5cm28gSlow SinkDirty Roach
4706913.5cm28gSlow SinkGolden Ambulance
4858013.5cm28gSlow SinkRoach
4858113.5cm28gSlow SinkRudd
4858213.5cm28gSlow SinkPike
4707013.5cm28gSlow SinkBrown Trout
4707116,5cm49gSlow SinkDirty Silver
4707216,5cm49gSlow SinkBlue Back
4707316,5cm49gSlow SinkPerch
4707416,5cm49gSlow SinkFiretiger
4707516,5cm49gSlow SinkDirty Roach
4707616,5cm49gSlow SinkGolden Ambulance
4858316,5cm49gSlow SinkRoach
4858416,5cm49gSlow SinkRudd
4858516,5cm49gSlow SinkPike
4707716,5cm49gSlow SinkBrown Trout
4768620.5cm85gSlow SinkDirty Silver
4768720.5cm85gSlow SinkFiretiger
4768820.5cm85gSlow SinkDirty Roach
4768920.5cm85gSlow SinkGolden Ambulance
4858620.5cm85gSlow SinkRoach
4858720.5cm85gSlow SinkRudd
4858820.5cm85gSlow SinkPike
4769020.5cm85gSlow SinkBrown Trout