3D Crucian Crank

Ornamental Goldfish from Crucian Carp often finds way to our lakes, Rivers and ponds – they are prime targets and often easy prey for predator fish! Our 3D Crucian crank baits swim with a big noisy rolling wobble and imitate the real thing perfect! Comes in 3 perfect sizes and 2 diving depths, Shallow and Deep runner.
• Amazing for Perch, Trout, Chub, Pike, Bass!
• Superior 3D details and realism
• Noisy Rolling wobble action
• Superb hookup rate
• Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles
• SG wide Gape Lure single extra hooks (size34)

537643.4cm3gF SRNatural
537653.4cm3gF SRGoldfish
537663.4cm3gF SRPearl White Silver
537673.4cm3gF SRBlack & Orange
537683.4cm3gF SRBlack
537693.4cm3.4gSF DRNatural
537703.4cm3.4gSF DRGoldfish
537713.4cm3.4gSF DRPearl White Silver
537723.4cm3.4gSF DRBlack & Orange
537733.4cm3.4gSF DRBlack
537744.6cm6.3gSF SRNatural
537754.6cm6.3gSF SRGoldfish
537764.6cm6.3gSF SRPearl White Silver
537774.6cm6.3gSF SRBlack & Orange
537784.6cm6.3gSF SRBlack
537794.6cm8.3gSF DRNatural
537804.6cm8.3gSF DRGoldfish
537814.6cm8.3gSF DRPearl White Silver
537824.6cm8.3gSF DRBlack & Orange
537834.6cm8.3gSF DRBlack
537846.4cm23gSF DRNatural
537856.4cm23gSF DRGoldfish
537866.4cm23gSF DRPearl White Silver
537876.4cm23gSF DRBlack & Orange
537886.4cm23gSF DRBlack