3D Hard Eel

A super versatile Real Eel imitation loaded with innovative features! The design is simple yet very clever and will ensure you superb results on any predator that will go for an eel or lamprey! The 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks. The long tail, will make the lure rock enticing from side to side and leaving a great eely snaky tail after it – When the tail is screwed on tail down – the “up force” on the tail part – will push the head of the lure down – so it runs under the surface in more or less the same depth all the way in – Turn the tail Up, and “down force” on the tail – will force the head up – so the eel comes to the surface and runs right under the surface creating a create super wake effect! The short tail – turns the hard lure into a superb glider – with a great side to side glide – with slight tabs from the rod tip. The downturned tail – will create “up force” on the tail part – so the lures stays down in 2-4 feet all the way in – turn the tail up and the “down force” on the tail will force the lure to the surface straight way – with a super wide and breaking glide. The big size, comes with and innovative double magnets system to hold the front belly hook in position and enhance presentation and hook up rate. Both sizes have a back 8pin – to enable back hook position to be able to mud drag the lure or fish it over grass or submerged weed – even on super shallow water. We offer spare tails and “custom” provocation tails – to complete the perfect Hard lure tail bait range!
• Runs from top to 6 feet
• 3D Scanned details
• Tournament trebles and Components
• Magnet hook holder
• Corkscrew tail mount
• Multiple riggings and run depths (Up force & down force)
• Spare and provocation tails in range
• Slow sink
• 17cm Hook size #1
• 25cm Hooks size #2/0

EFTTEX 2014 Best New Hard Lure Winner Award logo

4853617cm40gSlow SinkDirty Silver1+2
4853717cm40gSlow SinkOlive Gold1+2
4853817cm40gSlow SinkMotor Oil1+2
4853917cm40gSlow SinkFire Tiger1+2
4854017cm40gSlow SinkGolden Ambulance1+2
4854117cm40gSlow SinkBurbout1+2
5025617cm40gSlow SinkDirty Roach1+2
5025717cm40gSlow SinkRed Copper Black1+2
5025817cm40gSlow SinkGreen Silver1+2
4854225cm109gSlow SinkDirty Silver1+2
4854325cm109gSlow SinkOlive Gold1+2
4854425cm109gSlow SinkMotor Oil1+2
4854525cm109gSlow SinkFire Tiger1+2
4854625cm109gSlow SinkGolden Ambulance1+2
4854725cm109gSlow SinkBurbout1+2
5025925cm109gSlow SinkDirty Roach1+2
5026025cm109gSlow SinkRed Copper Black1+2
5026125cm109gSlow SinkGreen Silver1+2