3D Hollow Body Duckling a.k.a THE FRUCK


What the Fruck? Soft Hollow body Duckling, Frog style! The huge success with the 3D Suicide Duck, has led to this weedless version that can be fished in heavy cover and weed – giving you even more options with this superb duckling imitation. Great side-to-side action, with perfect details on the spin stop! Now you can fish closer to snags, in tight spots, over matt and cover and in drifting weed – this will result in even more attacks from Big predator fish!

• Great side-to-side top water action
• Superior Scanned Details
• Hollow body design
• Belly landing balance
• X-Strong integrated double hook
• Ultra Sharp stinger hook included

57391S 7.5cm15g01-Natural
57611S 7.5cm15g02-Fruck
57636S 7.5cm15g03-Yellow
57637S 7.5cm15g04-White
57638S 7.5cm15g05-Black
57392L 10cm40g01-Natural
57612L 10cm40g02-Fruck
57639L 10cm40g03-Yellow
57640L 10cm40g04-White
57641L 10cm40g05-Black