Based on a 3D scan of a real shrimp. the lure is comprised of a Hard ABS body with soft TPE legs. The lure has the most incredible lifelike appearance in the water and the TPE legs move and kick like a real shrimp! The lure has the most realistic sink rate and will fall in the water just like the real thing and sends out vibration and pulse that the Squid and Cuttlefish simply cannot resist grabbing. The ultra sharp EGI hook will give you the best possible catch rate. Super visible UV and Glow colors make these lures irresistible to any Cephalopod!
• 3D Scanned details
• Hard ABS body. soft TPE legs
• Micro movement on retrieve and drop
• Bright UV and glow colors
• Ultra sharp SS EGI hook

506937.5cm12gEGI Jig Mirror01-Olive flash
506957.5cm12gEGI Jig Mirror03-Gold Glow
506997.5cm12gEGI Jig Glitter07-Blue back
507017.5cm12gEGI Jig Glitter09-Green Back
507027.5cm12gEGI Jig Glitter10-Burnt Orange
507047.5cm12gEGI Jig Glitter12-Olive Glow
507059.2cm21gEGI Jig Mirror01-Olive flash
507079.2cm21gEGI Jig Mirror03-Gold Glow
507119.2cm21gEGI Jig Glitter07-Blue back
507139.2cm21gEGI Jig Glitter09-Green Back
507149.2cm21gEGI Jig Glitter10-Burnt Orange
507169.2cm21gEGI Jig Glitter12-Olive Glow