3D Line Thru Sandeel

We have carefully studied the swimming action and behavior of the sandeel in order to tweak the lure – and the result is incredible! The 3D LT Sandeel swims with a seducing and slim S-curve. head slightly up. On the spin stop. the lure flutters and rolls backwards – like a sandeel fleeing and trying to dig itself into the Sand. On the twitch. the lure will dart erratically and flash in an incredibly lifelike fashion! The Body is made of Super strong ABS and has incredible details! The unique inside spear ensures very long casting distances – even in windy conditions. The Line- thru system makes for perfect presentation and ensures that the predator fish can not use the weight of the lure to throw the hook. We recommend the use of Soft Fluoro Carbon or Finezze Mono line as trace.
• Each lure is supplied with:
• 1 Glow bead
• 1 UV Red bead
• 1 Glass clear beads
• One matt black Oval splitring
• 1 Wide Gape. forged ultra sharp Big eye single hook – DG Stealth finish
• 1 SG Y-Treble – DG Stealth finish

6218185mm11g02-Sandeel Ghost
6218285mm11g06-Motor oil
6218385mm11g10-Black & Red UV
6218485mm11g11-Black N Yellow Glow
58685110mm15g02-Sandeel Ghost
62185110mm15g04-Black Silver
58687110mm15g06-Motoroil UV
58688110mm15g10-Black & Red UV
58951110mm15g11-Black N Yellow Glow
58952110mm15g12-Matt White Tobis
55751125mm19g02-Sandeel Ghost
55753125mm19g04-Black Silver
55755125mm19g06-Motor Oil UV
58337125mm19g10-Black & Red UV
58303125mm19g11-Black N Yellow Glow
58302125mm19g12-Matt White Tobis
55756150mm27g12-Matt White Tobis
55759150mm27g04-Black Silver
55761150mm27g06-Motor Oil UV
58306150mm27g11-Black N Yellow Glow
58305150mm27g12-Matt White Tobis