Hollow Body frogs with superb details and a realistic profile. Lively, durable Silicone Skirt legs. 2 Models, the Walk frog, that walks across the surface on retrieve and Pop Frog, that makes a deep plopping sound on the pull Both models build over an ultra sharp Double hook – with detachable single hook stinger! Superb for Bass & Pike!
• 3D Scanned details
• Great walking or Popping action
• Soft Collapsible PVC Bodies, with durable Silicone Skirt legs
• Ultra Sharp double hooks
• Detachable tight fit Stinger single hook

6202655mm14gGreen Frog
6202755mm14gBrown Frog
6202855mm14gBlack Frog
6202970mm20gGreen Frog
6203070mm20gBrown Frog
6203170mm20gBlack Frog