3D Real Eel Bulk

The Game changing 3D Real Eel in Bulk – pick and chose between these awesome colors. 20 & 30cm sizes, comes in both tail up and down – so you can tune your presentation perfect.

5037815cm12gBlack Silver Eel30
5037915cm12gGreen Red Pearl Eel30
5038015cm12gOlive Sparkle Pearl30
5038115cm12gBlue Pearl Silver Eel30
5038215cm12gMotor Oil Eel30
5038315cm12gAlbino Eel30
5038420cm27gBlack Silver Eel20
5038520cm27gGreen Red Pearl Eel20
5038620cm27gOlive Sparkle Pearl20
5038720cm27gBlue Pearl Silver Eel20
5038820cm27gMotor Oil Eel20
5038920cm27gAlbino Eel20
5039030cm56gBlack Silver Eel16
5039130cm56gGreen Red Pearl Eel16
5039230cm56gOlive Sparkle Pearl16
5039330cm56gBlue Pearl Silver Eel16
5039430cm56gMotor Oil Eel16
5039530cm56gAlbino Eel16
5039640cm147gBlack Silver Eel10
5039740cm147gGreen Red Pearl Eel10
5039840cm147gOlive Sparkle Pearl10
5039940cm147gBlue Pearl Silver Eel10
5040040cm147gMotor Oil Eel10
5040140cm147gAlbino Eel10