Based on a 3D scan of a real Squid, with superb details and a super realistic profile! The lure swims and looks just like a real squid and will fool even the most wary predator fish to attack it! The Swim Squid Squid, can be used in many ways, cast and retrieve, slow jigging or trolling! The unique 2 part design, allows the angler to add scent or squid meat to the inside or change rigging as needed. The body fins pulse, and the tentacles vibrate lively as the lure moves thru the water making this lure the perfect Squid imitation!
• 3D Scanned details
• Two part design for multiple rigging options
• Ultra lively action
• TPE material – Super durable.

6242595mm10gGreen Eye2pcs
6242695mm10gRed Brown2pcs
6242795mm10gPink Glow2pcs
6242895mm10gBrown UV2pcs
62429125mm25gGreen Eye2pcs
62430125mm25gRed Brown2pcs
62431125mm25gPink Glow2pcs
62432125mm25gBrown UV2pcs
62433180mm50gGreen Eye1pcs
62434180mm50gRed Brown1pcs
62435180mm50gPink Glow1pcs
62436180mm50gBrown UV1pcs
62437250mm110gGreen Eye1pcs
62438250mm110gRed Brown1pcs
62439250mm110gPink Glow1pcs
62440250mm110gBrown UV1pcs