3D Trout Line Thru

EFTTEX 2014 Best New Soft Lure Winner Award logo

3D Trout Line Thru swim bait – made from a super detailed 3D scan of a Real Trout.

The Innovative line thru Y-system that allows you to put the hooks either on the back or on the belly, depending on how you want to fish the lure. When the fish attacks the lure and gets hooked, the lure shoots up the line and away from the fish – so the fish cannot use the weight of the lure to throw the lure! The swimming action of the lure is as close to the real thing as you can imagine – it literally swims like a live trout and it can trick even the most clever pike to attack! 3 Sizes, 15cm, 20cm and 30cm SS & MS

2 models available, a Slow sink (SS) version with the line coming thru the mouth for shallow presentation and a moderate sink (MS) with line coming thru the forehead – to create a “stay” down swimming pattern – so you can fish the lure at depth all the way to the boat! Both sink rates have horizontal Balance on the drop!

  • Y-Line Thru system – you can mount hooks on belly or back
  • Superior 3D details
  • Mesh reinforced joints
  • Hook slot in the harness both belly and back
  • Unique Double spike hook stinger hook for the 20 & 30cm version
  • EU version pre rigged with 49 strand wire and hooks on belly
  • Tournament hooks supplied
4878115cm35gRainbowSlow SInk
4878215cm35gGolden AlbinoSlow SInk
4878315cm35gDark Brown TroutSlow SInk
4948615cm35gPerchSlow SInk
4948715cm35gFiretigerSlow SInk
5042015cm35gDirty RoachSlow SInk
4878415cm40gRainbowModerate Sink
4878515cm40gGolden AlbinoModerate Sink
4878615cm40gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
4949215cm40gPerchModerate Sink
4949315cm40gFiretigerModerate Sink
5042115cm40gDirty RoachModerate Sink
4878720cm93gRainbowSlow Sink
4878820cm93gGolden AlbinoSlow Sink
4878920cm93gDark Brown TroutSlow Sink
4949820cm93gPerchSlow Sink
4949920cm93gFiretigerSlow Sink
5042220cm93gDirty RoachSlow Sink
4879020cm98gRainbowModerate Sink
4879120cm98gGolden AlbinoModerate Sink
4879220cm98gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
4950420cm98gPerchModerate Sink
4950520cm98gFiretigerModerate Sink
5042320cm98gDirty RoachModerate Sink
4879330cm290gRainbowSlow Sink
4879430cm290gGolden AlbinoSlow Sink
4879530cm290gDark Brown TroutSlow Sink
4951030cm290gPerchSlow Sink
4951130cm290gFiretigerSlow Sink
5042430cm290gDirty RoachSlow Sink
4879630cm303gRainbowModerate Sink
4879730cm303gGolden AlbinoModerate Sink
4879830cm303gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
4951630cm303gPerchModerate Sink
4951730cm303gFiretigerModerate Sink
5042530cm303gDirty RoachModerate Sink
5510225cm180gRainbow TroutSS
5510325cm180gGolden AlbinoSS
5510525cm193gRainbow TroutMS
5510625cm193gGolden AlbinoMS