3D Trout Rattle Shad

Combining 3D scanning and 3D modelling in the quest to produce the perfect lure in appearance and swimming action! By scanning real fish in combination with geometrical shapes, Savage Gear has been able to create lures that look and swim as close to the real thing as possible.

The 3D Trout Rattle Shad is the spitting image of a real trout – based on 3D scanning. Superb rocking and lively swimming action both on steady retrieve and on the drop – produces the perfect escape pattern, tricking even the most wary predator fish to attack.

  • Integrated non-lead weight
  • Big roll paddle tail
  • Removable Glass/steel rattle in tail
  • Tournament Quality hooks
  • Superb for casting and trolling
4708212.5cm35gRainbow TroutModerate Sink
4708312.5cm35gGolden Albino RainbowModerate Sink
4708412.5cm35gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
5040212.5cm35gPerchModerate Sink
5040312.5cm35gFiretigerModerate Sink
5040412.5cm35gDirty RoachModerate Sink
4708517cm80gRainbow TroutModerate Sink
4708617cm80gGolden Albino RainbowModerate Sink
4708717cm80gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
5040517cm80gPerchModerate Sink
5040617cm80gFiretigerModerate Sink
5040717cm80gDirty RoachModerate Sink
4877820.5cm98gRainbow TroutSlow Sink
4877920.5cm98gGolden Albino RainbowSlow Sink
4878020.5cm98gDark Brown TroutSlow Sink
5040820.5cm103gPerchSlow Sink
5040920.5cm103gFiretigerSlow Sink
5041020.5cm103gDirty RoachSlow Sink
4708820.5cm120gRainbow TroutModerate Sink
4708920.5cm120gGolden Albino RainbowModerate Sink
4709020.5cm120gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
5041120.5cm120gPerchModerate Sink
5041220.5cm120gFiretigerModerate Sink
5041320.5cm120gDirty RoachModerate Sink
4768027.5cm225gRainbow TroutSlow Sink
4768127.5cm225gGolden Albino RainbowSlow Sink
4768227.5cm225gDark Brown TroutSlow Sink
4768327.5cm275gRainbow TroutModerate Sink
4768427.5cm275gGolden Albino RainbowModerate Sink
4768527.5cm275gDark Brown TroutModerate Sink
5041427.5cm225gPerchSlow Sink
5041527.5cm225gFiretigerSlow Sink
5041627.5cm225gDirty RoachSlow Sink
5041727.5cm275gPerchModerate Sink
5041827.5cm275gFiretigerModerate Sink
5041927.5cm275gDirty RoachModerate Sink