4Play Lip Scull

Transparent lip sculls designed for the Soft 4Play Loose bodies. Just push the soft 4Play into the matching head size and secure it with pins(or toothpicks) through the gill plate and you have the most incredible lipped swimbait! The lipsculls can also be used with dead bait fish or fillets – with incredible results.
• Glass Transparent head
• Customized Japanese Ultra sharp Treble hook
• Through going wire
• Superb for Pike, Walleye, Trout, Salmon and any other Prey hunting Predators!

42197Lip ScullS#6 Treble2
42198Lip ScullM#4 Treble2
42199Lip ScullL#1 Treble2
43658Red / Green UVS#6 Treble2
43659Red / Green UVM#4 Treble2
43660Red / Green UVL#1 Treble2