Andros II Speed Series

  • Gear Ratios: 6.4:1 High / 3.8:1 Low
  • 4-pcs ABEC-5 rated Japanese ball bearings
  • 2-pcs HPB ball bearings on drive shaft
  • External adjustable cast control system
  • Ratchet drag lever for precise drag settings
  • Ergo grip handle knob with anodized aluminum handle arm
  • One screw right sideplate take down for easy internal access
  • 17-4 grade stainless steel helical cut gearing
  • Maximum drag at Full with complete freespool is 24 lbs
  • Maximum drag at Strike with complete freespool is 15 lbs
  • Carbonite drag system with Cal’s drag grease
  • Integrated recessed reel foot design for low profile rod fit
48202A-5IIa66.4:1 / 3.8:111kg570m 0.32mm440g
48203A-5NIIa66.4:1 / 3.8:111kg385m 0.32mm460g
48204A-12IIa64.7:1 / 2.1:115.5kg510m 0.42mm680g
49089A-12SIIa66.4:1 / 2.1:115.5kg510m 0.42mm680g
48205A-16IIa64.3:1 / 1.3:121.8kg800m 0.42mm895g