Big Fish Treble

The Savage Gear hook range is the result of several years of research and hard work with our lures. The increasing demand for Savage Lures – lead to a dramatic increased demand for perfect quality fishing hooks. We decided to go all the way and setup production for our own Savage Gear Tournament hooks – to ensure we always have perfect quality and delivery schedule! Our hooks are super quality, produced with perfection and have 100% inspection on all production. We use the very finest Korean and Japanese stainless steel wire, forged and shaped with precision. High tech, computer controlled Heat treatment and plating ensures the perfect result and reliable fishing hook – that we are proud to put on our lures!4X extra strong tournament trebles for big and brutal predator fish!

507874 TIN8
507882 TIN6
507891 TIN6
507901/0 TIN6
451082/0 TIN6
507913/0 TIN6
451094/0 TIN6
451117/0 TIN7