Finezze HD8 Counter Braid

HD8 Finezze Counter braid is woven from the highest quality Micro PE (Polyethylene) fibres, with a specially designed Tight Pitch, that ensures a round lasting profile with a silky smooth and soft surface. We have spent hours and hours testing and finding the optimal digitally controlled pitch formula, to ensure the best durability and colouring for easy line length counting! 5 Colour combination, with easy seen 1 and 5m marks. The result is incredible: the best counter braided line fishing imaginable! Perfect for multiplier reels – super silent and subtle!

  • Tight Pitch, Round woven, Silk Smooth Formula
  • 5 High-vis colour combination
  • 1, 5 and 10m marks
  • Zero Stretch
  • High Abrasion resistance
  • Incredible strength
  • Enhanced knot strength
  • UV Protected
  • Silicone Nano enhanced
46938300m0,22mm40lbs 18,2kg5 Colour Combo
46939300m0,28mm50lbs 23kg5 Colour Combo
46940300m0,32mm60lbs 27kg5 Colour Combo
47550300m0.36mm70lbs 32kg5 Colour Combo
47551230m0.40mm80lbs 36.3kg5 Colour Combo
469414000m0,22mm40lbs 18,2kg5 Colour Combo
469424000m0,28mm50lbs 23kg5 Colour Combo
469434000m0,32mm60lbs 27kg5 Colour Combo
475523000m0.36mm70lbs 32kg5 Colour Combo
475532500m0.40mm80lbs 36.3kg5 Colour Combo