Finezze Mono

The Savage Gear Finezze Mono line is a silky soft low stretch Copolymer line with amazing strength and abrasion resistance. A digital precision winding process ensures less line twist and wind knots! Super casting distance and precision and high knot strength! Developed for Lure fishing!

  • Low Stretch and memory
  • Silky smooth and soft
  • Digital precision extrusion
  • Superior strength and abrasion resistance
  • Glass Clear: Light breaking index close to 1 in water (virtually invisible)
  • High knot strength
46873150m0,148mm4,1lbs 1,85kgClear
46874150m0,165mm5,1lbs 2,31kgClear
46875150m0,181mm6,1lbs 2,77kgClear
46876150m0,203mm7,6lbs 3,43kgClear
46877150m0,234mm9,5lbs 4,31kgClear
46878150m0,261mm11,9lbs 5,39kgClear
46879150m0,286mm14lbs 6,34kgClear
46880150m0,309mm16,3lbs 7,39kgClear
46881150m0,331mm18,4lbs 8,36kgClear
46885300m0,203mm7,6lbs 3,43kgClear
46886300m0,234mm9,5lbs 4,31kgClear
46887300m0,261mm11,9lbs 5,39kgClear
46888300m0,286mm14lbs 6,34kgClear
46889300m0,309mm16,3lbs 7,39kgClear
46890300m0,331mm18,4lbs 8,36kgClear
47520300m0.37mm22.8lbs 10.34kgClear
47521300m0.405mm27.1lbs 12.28kgClear
47522300m0,437mm31,3lbs 14,22kgClear
468912000m0,309mm16,3lbs 7,39kgClear
468922000m0,331mm18,4lbs 8,36kgClear
468932000m0,37mm22,8lbs 10,34kgClear
468941800m0,405mm27,1lbs 12,28kgClear
468951500m0,437mm31,3lbs 14,22kgClear