LB 3D Manic Crab

ICAST 2014 New Product Showcase Winner Award logo

The 3D Manic Crab, a perfect scan of a peeler crab – incredible details! The Legs flutter and swim on the drop as the lure slides through the water – creating very lifelike micro movement that the fish simply can not resist. A great lure for many salt water species and especially the fish many LRF anglers target – Superb for Seabass, Wrasse, snapper, bream etc.

486762.5cmRed & Black5
486772.5cmTan Crab5
486782.5cmBlack Crab5
505407.5cmRed & Black Crab3
505417.5cmTan Crab3
551655cmTan Crab4
551665cmRed & Black4
551675cmOrange Belly Crab4
551687.5cmOrange Belly Crab3