This small Line thru blade, with amazing details inspired by the Stickle back, that is on the menu for trout big parts of the year. The lure has a super enticing, almost dancing action on the retrieve and can be fished at various speeds – even very slow. On spin stop, the lure will rotate slowly away from the centerline – often triggering hard strikes. The lure can fished both forward or backwards, giving you two action styles. Superb for UL trout fishing in both fresh and saltwater.
• Linethru design
• Ultra sharp treble hook prerigged on split ring
• 5 hard beads in Glow and neutral colors
• Lively and erratic action
• 360-degree rotation on the spin stop
• 42mm: ST46 #12, 52mm: ST46 #10

6220242mm6g01-Green Silver
6220342mm6g02-Black & Red
6220442mm6g03-White Silver
6220542mm6g04-Copper Red
6220652mm10g01-Green Silver
6220752mm10g02-Black & Red
6220852mm10g03-White Silver
6220952mm10g04-Copper Red