Panic Prey V2

Great Topwater lure, based on details from an anchovy! The open mouth gives great splashing and spitting action on walk the dog retrieve! The long arrow dynamic body, gives incredible casting distance and precision – the rear Y-treble hook folds up along the back on the cast and gives a very stable flight. Inside lazer paper gives superior, live like flash and the easy obtained wide gliding action makes this lure deadly on any top water style of fishing – Saltwater or freshwater. The best panicking prey fish imitation ever!
• Long distance
• Wide gliding splashing action
• Inside Lazer paper
• Noisy rattle
• Super hook up rate
• Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Trebles

5064410.5cm16gFloatingDirty Silver Mullet
5064610.5cm16gFloatingWhite Flash
5064710.5cm16gFloatingSandeel / Ayu
5064810.5cm16gFloatingLemon Back Flash
5064910.5cm16gFloatingOlive Flash
5065013.5cm28gFloatingDirty Silver Mullet
5065213.5cm28gFloatingWhite Flash
5065313.5cm28gFloatingSandeel / Ayu
5065413.5cm28gFloatingLemon Back Flash
5065513.5cm28gFloatingOlive Flash
5498919.5cm83gFDirty Silver Mullet
5499119.5cm83gFWhite Flash
5499219.5cm83gFOlive Flash