Parabellum CC

The Classic and elegant rods series upgraded with the innovative CC Coil Control guides giving an even better performance and lighter weight. Each rod, tuned and balanced to perfection for long casts and precision!

  • CC SIN Guides
  • High Modulus Carbon
  • SG Gold label R/S
  • AAA cork and Hard EVA handles
  • Ready to Fish Deluxe rod bag
48506UL 6’3” 190cm0-5g298.5cm84gMedium
48507UL 7’1” 215cm0-7g2112cm105gMedium
485089’2’’ 279cm3-16g2143cm163gMedium
485099’2’’ 279cm7-23g2143cm164gMedium
485109’2’’ 279cm10-34g2143cm173gMedium
4851110’1’’ 307cm9-32g2157cm195gMedium
485129’2’’ 279cm2-12g398.5cm171gMedium
485139’6” 289cm10-34g3101cm203gMedium
48514Bombarda 11’4” 345cm12-35g3120cm197gMedium