Sandeel Darter


NL = Non Lead (Lead Free)

This stunningly unique lure is a supernatural Sandeel imitation. Sandeels being many predators’ favourite snack. These softbodied lures has the most fantastic swimming action. A true innovation and a very effective and easy fished lure, available in 2 sizes.

The sandeels are Savage Gear’s first 100% saltwater orientated lures, designed mainly for the new modern way of vertical fishing – but they have also proven deadly as swimbaits and even for trolling.

The swimming action is so real, you have to see it to believe it! Top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade trebles, rigged to withstand brutal attacks and land big predators. Superb for Cod, Seabass, coalfish and even smaller Halibut.

4748520cm40gGlow NL2+1
4748620cm40gReal Pearl Silver NL2+1
4748720cm40gBaby Mack NL2+1
4748820cm40gPink NL2+1
4749020cm46gReal Pearl Silver2+1
4749120cm46gBaby Mack2+1