The Original Savage Sandeel Bulk

Perfect twin injected ultra soft bodies in the most catching colors! Pick and mix your favorites – simply the best sandeel lure on the market! Ultra soft and scented.

5031212,5cm (10cm) BulkSandeel120
5031312,5cm (10cm) BulkBlue Silver120
5031412,5cm (10cm) BulkBaby Mack120
5031512,5cm (10cm) BulkPearl Silver120
5031612,5cm (10cm) BulkLemon Back120
5031716cm (14cm) BulkSandeel48
5031816cm (14cm) BulkBlue Silver48
5031916cm (14cm) BulkBaby Mack48
5032016cm (14cm) BulkPearl Silver48
5032116cm (14cm) BulkLemon Back48
5032217cm (15,5cm) BulkSandeel48
5032317cm (15,5cm) BulkBlue Silver48
5032417cm (15,5cm) BulkBaby Mack48
5032517cm (15,5cm) BulkPearl Silver48
5032617cm (15,5cm) BulkLemon Back48
5032718cm (14cm) BulkSandeel30
5032818cm (14cm) BulkBlue Silver30
5032918cm (14cm) BulkLemon Back30
5033020cm (15cm) BulkSandeel24
5033120cm (15cm) BulkBlue Silver24
5033220cm (15cm) BulkLemon Back24