#SandeelSurfwalker 180 mm!


This catch of fast and furious sea predator I consider one of my most valuable fishing trophies.
I worked so hard to catch it which makes it even more rewarding. Seven days of early morning sessions in which I had to learn subtle nuances of the spot I was fishing, how current and tide influence leer fish positioning and activity windows, also perfect angles of casts and how to make it commit to #SandeelSurfWalker 180 mm topwater lure. I had several big fish contacts along the way that all resulted is misfortunate losses. At one point I wasn´t sure will I ever get another chance of connecting with a big fish again.
I went thru opened snaps, bent hooks, straightened splitrigs, missed strikes, follows and bad hookups before everything went right with this fish. And what a specimen – 107 cm in 10-12 kilo range. Sea lure anglers dream fish!

  Mads  created awesome surface lure that will surely be a gamechanger in super attractive topwater sea fishing.  It walks and chugs perfectly, is silent, throws a mile and sits flat on the surface which is  neccessery for making pauses and triggering many sea predators like leer fish or bluefish.
  Deda Spikic for being a great friend, navigating and helping me land this fish. Also Goran Pehar with whom I learned the basic Leer fish presentations fishing Neretva river delta a few years ago.
I used Savage Gear Custom Fast SHad 90 gr/258cm rod, Okuma Cedros 55 reel, 40 lb Braid, 0,55 mm mono leader and surely my gear was strained to maximum test.
Video of this catch to follow soon.
Sandeel Surf Walkers come in 155 and 180mm size in both sinking and flat floating versions.

Best Dalien.