10 Years With Savage Gear

11 years ago we took the first steps to make our dream come true! Since then we have worked to build the Savage Gear brand by constantly lifting the bar for our products and ideas! It has been an incredible journey and we are proud to present to you our product range for 2016! Everyone at Savage Gear just loves fishing for predator fish and we put our heart and soul into developing gear that will give YOU an edge, in the pursuit of your dream fish!
The backbone of Savage Gear is you – our dear customer – and we take pride in listening to your input and ideas. We value all the reports and pictures you share with us on our Facebook pages – it is highly appreciated! Thank you all for the amazing support!
An incredible amount of hours, sweat and blood has gone into creating our lures and you will find they have an action and catch rate far above average! Rest assured we are on a mission to keep raising the bar repeatedly. We have such fun doing what we do – we simply cannot stop!

For the love of fishing, we salute you!
See you out there!