Super Zander on the Monster Slug !

1-(20-of-20)The winter has taken a firm grasp over my region and this means the zander season is at it`s peak in Croatia.
I have been studying upstream vertical fishing for two seasons now and I can count on big fish striking my 25 cm Monster Slug, It is a matter of hitting the right spot in the right time. This of course isn`t easy thing to do becuse there are not many big fish in the river and feeding windows can be short, so on most of my trips I can hardly hope for one or two bites, but usually it`s a big one! This requires a lot of determination and confidence.

To make things worse, I fished through incredibly cold and miserable day with wind gusts of 40 km/h and with a snow sleet in the mix as well.
Enduring brutal conditions paid off in the end with this wide shouldered pre spawn fish that was hooked on the back stinger and was caught in the dusk .
60 gr Custom Vertical rod and Okuma Komodo reel did a great job and hooking and landing this awesome fish.
Can`t wait for that next thump, the season is just right for another trophy!1-(6-of-20)