T-Tail Action

T-Tail Action

Daniel van der Kraan with another “T-Tail perch”:

“I’ve been using the Fat Minnow T-Tails for a few months now and they are simply great. The softness of the lures gives it immediate action on the drop, so its perfect for diagonal jigging. This time the 9cm Rudd Minnow color on a 10gr jighead did the trick. I like to use them as light as possible, but when you’re dealing with wind and current you have to adapt the weight – otherwise it’s impossible to fish effectively.

But the lighter the lure, the better it can be inhaled by perch or zander, so always try to fish as light as you’re comfortable with. If the “glide moment” is shorter than say 3-4 seconds then you need to alter the weight. It will pay off in the end!”

Gear used: Custom Coastal 2.74 7-23gr, Okuma Helios Gold 25, 0.10 HD4 Finezze braid.

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