Tips & Tricks


I firmly believe in doing everything possible to turn the cards in my favour when I venture out fishing. Adding scent is just one of those things!
In todays market place scents come in many forms, from pre-packed scented lures, sprays, to scented marker pens etc… My favourite are the pastes that are available, but sadly sometimes they don’t last too long when applied.dsc_0292-1
Why use a scent??? Well to be honest I don’t think it makes that much difference when your retrieving the lures quickly. I believe in this situation it’s the movement that provokes a reaction from the fish, not the scent. However when I target Zander and Perch I believe that scents can make a huge difference, especially during the colder months! How? Well for me one of the key elements when targeting Zander and Perch is to add that pause upon your retrieve! For how long you add this pause will of course vary from day to day as the fishes mood changes. It’s fair to say that most takes come when that lure hits the bottom and lies silently still. It’s at this point that I believe scents come into their own, as there is now no action in the lure itself, so your now calling upon other senses as well as instinct. This is where an added smell can make a difference….dsc_0289-1
With a little thought and by choosing the right paste there are ways to get the best out of them. The pastes from SavageGear are just perfect for this!!!! Yes of course they stink but most importantly they are super sticky. By making a silt into the belly of your lure using a craft knife your able to create a pocket to which you can then add your chosen paste! Remember the stickier the better. Rigging is entirely down to you whether that’s using a weedless setup or the conventional jighead style…