Topwater fishing is kicking in!


There it is!!! Finally! Topwater fishing is kicking in!

Last few weeks were nice and mild with good few warm and sunny days. That had and impact on the water tepms. Its still cold but 2-3*C higher comparing to few weeks ago.

Our boys were out there with an intention to try the surface runners a go. Morning was slow and they didn’t see a fallow. But later… Later the clouds were gone and the wind dropped. Flat lake was a perfect environment for the 3D Suicide Duck 😉

“I took the bigger 15cm Duck to make loads of noise in a small shallow bay. It took me a while to raise the first fish but unfortunately she just fallowed the lure without an intention to hit it…. Seeing that I knew that they are there and it is a question of time.
After few minutes I saw what I was waiting for so long…a bow wave! The fish came out of nowhere and went for the duck big time! Now that was an spectacular take!!! Even a small fish can give You a heart attack while hitting a surface lure! That is the beauty of topwater fishing!”

Awesome stuff! Topwater season is kicking so if You want to experience the same emotions get Yourself a 3D Suicide Duck and hold Your rod 😉

As You can see Radek is using a stinger on the 3D Suicide Duck. We will get Radek to tell us a bit more about that very soon!

Gear used:
Rod: SG Butch Light up to 100g
Reel: Okuma Komodo 273LX
Line: SG HD4 Finezze 0,35mm