Savage Gear’ Sean Wit takes home the trophy

“Sean Wit was especially excited about the Savage Gear 3D River Roach for the deeper parts and the 14,5 cm Jekster as a shallow bait. This was the biggest catch of the competition – 121,5 cm !”

Savage Gear’ Sean Wit takes home the trophy
Sean and his teammate Jesper, won this year’s predator tour in Sweden with the 6 biggest pikes averaging at 115 cm, with the biggest one of 121,5 cm.

The Predatortour in Sweden is probably the most prestigious pike competition in the world, with contestants from all over Europe and some of the best names in the industry. This year was a bit different, because the contestants could only do casting for pike. The competition is a CPR competition, which means that the fish is Caught, Photographed and Released. Points are earned as a team in the boat/kayak. The average of the 6 biggest pikes will account for the points. Savage Gear had several contestants in the competition, but one team with our own Prostaffer, Sean Wit, was in the lead almost the whole time. The team finished with an average of their 6 pikes on 115 cm, with Sean’s biggest pike of 121,5 cm topping the chart. This is what he had to say about the competition.

Congratulations on winning the Predatortour 2018. How did it feel to win a competition like this?
The feeling is just amazing. Winning a prestigious event like this with such a strong list of competitors is just incredible. Leading it from the start and having a target mark on your back for 3 days, puts a lot of pressure on you, but we managed to take it home and we are over the moon with our result!

“Sean and Jesper are holding the grand trophy as winners of the Predatortour 2018.”

What was the biggest challenge that you faced?
The Predatortour has its own smartphone application, in which you send in the photo of your fish on the measuring board. After the organization assessed the photo, you get 1 point for every cm. On day 3 we had a good lead and it was hard not to follow the scoreboard and follow if people were getting closer to us. We needed to stay on our game and focus on getting even bigger fish as an upgrade. Besides that, we also encountered some mechanical problems with our engine, but we managed to fix it. That day we even got the biggest pike of 121,5 cm.

What is the competition to you?
Casting only, taking up on some of the best anglers in Europe, fighting them on one of the biggest lakes in Europe. Vänern is such a badass lake, not a single day is the same and weather conditions can change rapidly. As I mentioned earlier, to us it was all about the prestige. Also, due to our good results with trolling in previous years, people tend to think we can only catch giant pike by trolling. Winning such a tournament where casting is the only technique allowed, is the best way to prove those people wrong.



How did you prepare for the competition?
Preparations have been going on for over a year now, with fine tuning our gear and boat equipment. We did some pre-fishing the week before the tournament started and got a good feeling what our tactic should be during the competition.

What was your strategy?

We focused on the warmer areas of the lake and switched between shallow jerk & swimbait fishing and fishing deeper spots with softbaits.

Other than that, it was purely hard work. My partner in crime, Jesper Smorenberg, is one of my closest friends and a super fanatic and skilled pike angler. He has that drive to give 200% all the time and I think we both have our own set of skills and that makes us such a good team. This was a team effort.




What was your best catching lure?
With a box full of Savage Gear lures, you cannot pick one. It was a combination of different lures at different locations. The Savage Gear Jerkster 14,5 cm was excellent as a shallow bait. Then the 3D River Roach was definitely my preferred for the deeper parts.

I was fishing with a Savage Gear prototype, which I cannot tell too much about yet, but you guys have something to look forward to.

How many participants?
There were 62 boats competing, participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Latvia!

Are you going to participate next year?
Hell yeah!



Wish Sean and Jesper a huge congrats!