Weedless Presentation

Weedless Presentation

Here’s the latest from our predator ace, Dalien Vignjevic.

“The pike fishing is picking up, and so is the vegetation. One of my favorite lakes to fish just got emerging lily pads in the shallows and it is time for topwater pike fishing.

I had some crazy strikes fishing regular 17 cm Hardeels with trebles on the back eye last year, but now I wanted that same body with a bigger silhouette and that is why I went with the 30 cm Real Eel tail.

It also creates less drag and is pointed upward, therefore making subtle splashing sounds and distinctive wakes behind the bait. It works, since I got one of my biggest topwater pike so far!

I used a Savage Gear Big Pike Rod, Okuma Komodo wide body and 60 LB Finezze braid to horse that fish out of heavy cover – outstanding gear!”

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