Winter fishing : Fun & Freezing !

sean wit

We all love fishing, but not all of us are willing to endure crazy low temperatures for a big mamma !

We are very thankful that Sean is out there and he is sharing his stories with us. ” This weekend was amazing, got my gear out and started driving to the water. I didn’t have to wait long until I found myself thinking – *HAPPY I WENT FISHING TODAY!*. This big mamma you guys see put up a hell of a fight but at the end of the day she was no match for me ! Needless to say I have total faith in my gear – Savage Gear MPP Baithfish rod, Aventa Baitfeeder 60 from Okuma and Finezze Monofilament 0,437 mm from Savage Gear. Never leave home without them !”

So there you have it guys, determination and gear ! Show us your big mammas on Instagram @savage_gear_official or on Facebook @savagegear !