World Class Halibut Fishing

The boat he was on landed 165 halibut in 6,5 fishing days. An incredible trip that set new camp records. Our Savage Gear consultant, Mikkel Matzen, has just returned from Havöysund in Norway. This is his story of how they had so much success.

My body is still soar a week after I returned from, what I consider one of my most successful trip to date. The fishing we had was completely unreal, insane and utterly incredible!

Whales and eagles. During their trip, they had a glimpse of whales and almost hand-fed an eagle.

We have been fishing in Havöysund the past couple of years. Last year we had, what we back then considered to be the limit for what we could expect of a week of halibut fishing. Last year we caught a total of 68 halibut in a week of fishing. We could never in our wildest dreams, hope for better fishing than that.

Collateral damage. 165 halibut will beat you and your tackle box up! This is the sandeel tails that took a beating during the adventure.

In the past, we never felt fortunate about the weather, which limited our fishing time and areas. This year, the weather gods shined their light upon us, and we were blessed with the best fishing conditions we could hope for. Now, we had the opportunity to go to spots that before had been unreachable – Spots we dreamed about. We took advantage of this and fished the long-timed dreamed of spots.

Trying to get this 163 cm fish into the boat is not clever, so the fish is safely kept in the water. Both to protect the angler, but also very much the halibut.

We have been preparing many hours for this, putting past experiences together and tuning our gear to perfection. Our gear is not the common halibut gear that is normally used for fishing big halibut. Instead of using heavy pilker gear and multi reels, we are using gear that normally would be used for heavy pike fishing and braided line not much thicker than 0,20 mm. This might sound completely crazy to some, when thinking about that we are targeting fish that easy get to around 150 cm. But casting for halibut, in not just more fun in term of being actively fishing, but also VERY effective. Our go to lure was the Savage Gear Sandeel in 100 and 150 gr. We have tried other lures from the Savage Gear range and other brands, but this lure was completely superior to others we tried. Our most catching colours was Motor Oil, Lemon Back and Pink. Pink was not always the one catching the most fish, but it definitely had a tendency to catch the biggest fish. Why, I am not sure, but I have experienced this before. Apparently, the halibut loves sandeels.

Savage Gear Sandeel in the color Motor Oil was Mikkel Matzen’ favorite lure

Having spend a lot of fishing hours in the boat with these guys, we could land halibut singlehandedly and safely, but more than once, we hooked up on 3 halibuts at the same time. This is not recommendable! It is complete chaos, but also fun to have tried. Double hooks ups happened very often, when the fishing was hot.

Mikkel Matzen is to be found in the tackle shop Effektlageret in Denmark, but also hosts trip like these.

I am now sitting and reflecting on the trip. We never fished harder, never been so soar, never been lacking this much sleep, but the reward was immense! 165 halibut in 6,5 fishing days. 23 of the fish was past 130 cm with the biggest ones coming in at 162 and 164 cm. The last day of fishing was the cherry on the top and devastated our body and minds. We had 51 halibut in the boat. 51!!! The true reason for this incredible reason is my fishing buddies. Their dedication, pushing us to fish all the hours available during the day and finetuning the technique made the whole difference. We worked hard for every single fish.

Me and my team will be back next year to try out more. I was addicted to this fishing before, but this addiction just got so much stronger.

Thanks to: Mads Grosell, Hans Hagerup, Norway Guide fishing, Michael Mortensen, Jan Kreuz, Kristian Kjær, Molle, Jan Weber, Claus Stryg.

Savage Gear Sandeel in pink, had a tendency to catch the bigger fish.

Perfect camo. The halibut is perfect camouflaged, which makes it an effective predator.