17.12.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Get ready… winter is almost here

The days of fishing in your t-shirt are gone.

10.12.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Trolling like a boss

Whoever said trolling was boring never did it correctly. Especially trolling with multiple rods and planerboards (or paravans) – it’s a completely dif...

16.11.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Trolling is bad. Or is it?

Casting or trolling? It’s a question I get asked very often. Casting is often glorified while trolling… well trolling, for some, is an easy pick to st...

13.11.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

The surprising big threat to sportfishing

In our modern society technology is advancing faster than ever before. The tools at our disposal as anglers are pretty amazing.

13.11.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Winter blues

Autumn is already fully underway in all its glory. The weather is erratic, with calm sunny days followed by days that are just… let me put it kindly -...

11.11.2020 Markos Vidalis, Greece

If it looks like a sardine, it must be a sardine

A big pack of sardines rush to the surface, trying to flee from the hungry false albacores – even though I’d only just opened my tackle box and I alre...

30.09.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Waiting for the summer… to END!

The end of Summer and start Autumn is always a bit of off season for me. Usually, it is too warm to fish for pike responsibly.

04.08.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Go barbless?

During my recent articles and videos on protecting our pike population, I started thinking about other means to reduce handling time.

29.07.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Go beyond Catch&Release

What made Catch and Release so important? What are the dynamics behind the idea itself? Sean Wit takes you through, why this is becoming common cultur...

21.07.2020 Sean Wit, Netherlands

Should you fish in warm temperatures?

The seasons are one of the reasons I like the way of in the middle/northern part of Europe.

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