Chasing big pike in wintertime

Go BIG or go home

Go big or go home

Winter isn't an easy time to fish, but in the cold weather you can be generously rewarded! The pike are fat at this time of year and the chance to catch a 10kg+ is better than in any other season! In the cold water I switch to big baits to entice the big fish out of their safe areas.

In cold conditions the feeding phases are very short, so I choose my lures with care, if the pike have a choice, they prefer to eat a big prey instead of chasing a lot of small fish. Often you only get one or two strikes a day, but that one strike is more often a big fish than a smaller one!


When the dark started to creep over the lake, this pike became active and could not resist the 3D Burbot

The 3D Burbot and the 4D Herring Shad are my favourite baits at these times, both lures can be used very slowly and work enticingly. Cold water pike are relatively lazy and don't want to waste any energy, so they only strike at the prey when they know they know they can catch it.

In order to be able to fish all day long I used the Custom Predator rod with 170g and 240g casting weight. These rods are nice and light, yet strong enough to take on big predators! I pair this rod with a Baitcaster like the Okuma Komodo Low Profile, this reel has an excellent strength to weight ratio so I can fish all day long without getting tired. I also love the higher casting frequency compared to a spinning reel. This allows me to search much more area and hit my target faster.

Before catching, I must find the fish and here I stick to a simple rule, find the food and I will usually find the big girls. Every water has its local variations, which needs to be understood. In some waters the baitfish are in harbours or deep holes in others they move into the shallows or river inlets. The water temperature is the crucial point here, if you find areas with warmer water, you will often find the fish! Therefore, I invest a lot of time in research before I start fishing. This tactic paid off on my last trip and I caught two very nice pike!


If you do not want to get tied all day, then this is the way to go.